Snapchat Blocked on School Wi-Fi: Students’ Opinions

By Sara Koochagian

The Snapchat app is blocked on the school’s open wifi to keep students from using it during the school day. Ever since the initiation of BYOT a few years ago, the public wifi for students has had the ability to block certain websites for desktops and apps on phones. Some apps that are blocked include certain YouTube links, as well as Twitter being difficult to go on with other social media apps. One of the main applications that is blocked is Snapchat. This means the students can’t use the application during class unless they have cell service in the building. These students voice their opinions. Continue reading Snapchat Blocked on School Wi-Fi: Students’ Opinions

“Meme-ing” to the Extreme

By Lucy Blue

Since the beginning of the 2016 presidential election, information both biased and impartial has been spread through the internet.  Social media is an especially vital source of facts for the younger generation, who spend nearly nine hours a day on their phones, according to The Washington Post.  The political stance of these millennials is considerably shaped by what they see on the internet, and the comedic political “memes” that have surfaced online are making a scene. Continue reading “Meme-ing” to the Extreme

FCA In Tuscarora

By Emily Riley

When it comes to religion in the school system,  it is often thought that it isn’t allowed. While religion in school is “neither encouraged or discouraged by teachers” in Loudoun County Public schools, it can become quite the topic of interest among students on how they can publicly express it in the school system. Because we do all have the inalienable right of freedom of religion, technically we are allowed to practice what we preach without fault, but there are certain rules to follow. Loudoun County states that students are allowed to practice religious activities of their wishing as long as it isn’t taking place during teaching or other academic times of the day. This means that students are welcome to create clubs or in-school organizations to practice and raise awareness for their club as long as it doesn’t interfere with the academic classes throughout the day. Continue reading FCA In Tuscarora

Why Not Dance?

By Lucy Blue

We asked students who went to homecoming why they danced…

“Because I wanted to have fun with my friends and I love dancing.”- Analyssa Gonzalez, Junior

“To have fun, because it’s a party. That’s what you do.”- Joseph Fortney, Junior

“Because people tell me to, but I really don’t dance that often.”.-Tanner Barbour, Sophomore

“Because I like to dance.  I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl.”- Nicole Sullivan, Sophomore

“Because there was music, and I’m a pro-dancer.”- Bella Signorello, Sophomore

“Kids should dance in general because it relieves stress and it’s fun! – Faith Payson, Junior

“Because why not?”- Cora Runholt, Sophomore

So if you aren’t dancing, why not start?


Homecoming Hallways

By Emily Riley

One of the most iconic parts of homecoming week (besides the dance of course) is the class hallway decorations. Each year the freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors are assigned different themes based on the overall theme of homecoming- this year’s being ‘Got Game’. The freshman were Monopoly, sophomores had Clue, juniors had the Game of Life, and seniors had Candyland. The class with the most extravagantly decorated hallway wins the spirit stick, which represents the most spirited grade. Seniors have a history of winning the hallway decorations and the spirit stick every year, and freshman usually  seem to lack interest in participating. This year, however, lots of people from all four grades stayed after school to decorate,

The freshman (right half of the 500 hallway) hallway was filled with music from someone’s phone, lots of cardboard cutouts and Monopoly money. People tend to believe that the freshman hallway is always a slump, but the first year high schoolers put in a lot of effort Thursday night. “I’m just nervous that we won’t [do a good job] because I feel like it’s just going to be a disaster, because we’re freshman so I feel like people aren’t going to really love it, but we’re trying our best,” said Kerri Carr. They had been prepping for two weeks beforehand  and were ready to stay as long as they needed.

The sophomores, (left side of the 500 hallway) took on the task of making a mysterious Clue themed hallway, and certainly accomplished it with their creepy murder-mystery decorations. Usually underclassman are wary of the hallway decorations because of the junior and seniors’ tendency to win, but this year’s sophomores were confident in their work. “Actually it’s turned out really well, I think we did really good this year,” said sophomores Sophia Blanco and Fatimah Barokah.

The junior hallway (200 hallway) was certainly filled with lively decorations. Walking through the hallway was made to represent walking through someone’s life, and was filled with bright decorations. As brand new upperclassmen, the juniors were eager to show just how school spirited they were.

At last, the senior hallway. Made to look like you were walking through Candyland itself, the seniors definitely rose to the occasion, whether it was through their giant gingerbread house or life size paintings of all the favorite Candyland characters. As seniors, the expectations to make an amazing hallway is definitely high. “The past couple of years the seniors have had really good hallways, and I honestly don’t know how we can top it but hopefully we’ll pull through,” said Erica Wilson, who has participated in decorating homecoming hallways for her freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Prepared to stay all night, the seniors were dedicated to making their hallway look as magical and candy-filled as possible.

Ironically, the classes won in their reverse order, seniors in first, followed by the juniors, sophomores, and freshman. That being said, the effort from all the classes was tremendous, and even though it is isn’t often recognized that students stay so late after school to make it happen, all Tuscarora students definitely enjoyed the game board hallways from each class.

*Click the link below to see the transformation of the senior hallway!*