One Team, One Goal, and a Lot of Chlorine

In the spring of 2014, there wasn’t a guarantee that Missy Cundiff was going to be able to fulfill her dream of swimming for Tuscarora High School.  The Loudoun County School Board was considering cutting the swimming program so they could save $74,000 on the school budget, according to a Washington Post article. “I knew it was going to make me a better swimmer and when I learned that they might not even have it I was really upset,” said Cundiff.  However, through the efforts of over a thousand swimmers, parents, coaches, and even gold-medalist Matt McLean, who swam for Potomac Falls High School, the board decided against the cut.  

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Procrastination? Maybe Later

Do you ever have two projects due within a week, and just don’t have the motivation to do it? Instead, you go on Twitter, watch a movie, and make a four course meal until it’s 10:30 and you have gotten nowhere. It seems pretty common among teenagers in this generation, being surrounded with technology like cell phones and Netflix. However, college is around the corner for students here at Tuscarora, and procrastination isn’t an option. So, what should students do about it?

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